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En PERLA ROSA, we believe in the uniqueness and perfection of every woman from her most authentic essence.

Inspired by the delicacy and strength of a pink pearl, we understand that our true beauty and power multiply when we connect.

Together, we form a network of precious jewels, where each one shines with its own light


Our mission is simple yet powerful: to connect and empower the power of each individual.

We do this through boutique experiences, where every detail is carefully designed to create unforgettable moments.



Founded by Sofía Zanotti, an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in brand strategy and marketing, working with international brands, an MBA in marketing, and certification as a life coach. Sofía combined her experience and knowledge to bring this community to life, with the aim of inspiring, empowering, and connecting women from around the world.

Would you like to join our community and create something wonderful together?

We would love to meet you! Write to us.



+39 3463135391



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